Technical Log Book

CAMO homepage

TLB data

SabaTECH PartM module has been designed to easily centralize all information about the airworthiness of your fleet.

You can update flying hours / cycles on the logbook, and indicate if some dicrepancies are found (faults, MEL, deferred works, ...). Copy of the TLB can be uploaded on the system.

An overview of the maintenance schedule is available on the CAMO homepage. This schedule can be sent by email to the other departments (repair stations, operations, ...)

Master Maintenance Program

A Master Maintenance Program is created for each aircraft / engine / propeller model.

For each model, you can add or modify the data (frequency, tolerances, ...) for:

  • the tasks
  • the component life limits
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Service Bulletins

The update will be performed for all the S/N of this model. You save time, and avoid eventual mistakes.

Maintenance Situation per S/N

The master program is adapted for each aircraft, engine or propeller serial number.

Each sub-component is inserted in the system with its information as installation data, hours when installed, ...

Airworthiness documentation (Forms, bench test doc, ...) can be joined on each line.

The remaining hours are computed with the technical logbook data. An alert is displayed when an item due time is close.

Due items can be checked and easily transferred to a work-order.

CAMO Work Orders

The CAMO work orders are sorted by aircraft registration.

Ordered tasks are listed, and can be transferred directly to the PART-145 repair station (if it also use SabaTECH), or generate a PDF file.

When the work-order is closed, all documents can be stored in the system.

Aircraft Status

The aircraft status page is a list of different events arrived since the delivery:

  • repairs (SRM, dedicated repairs)
  • damages in the tolerances
  • installed STC / approved modification
  • incidents
  • authorizations given by authorities
  • open and deferred defects

All information as compliance date, work-order, authorization references, ... are stored for each event.

Files (PDF, pictures, ...) can also be added for the justificative paperworks.

Major Assemblies

Each major assembly (aircraft, engine or propeller) is independant.

When an engine is installed on another aircraft, all relative data and history are automatically transferred.