Aircraft Maintenance is a challanging issue for all the airlines over the world, moreover for small airlines with a minimal staff structure.

IT systems for the technical follow-up of the aircraft are often too complex, inadquate or over budget for small airlines.

That's why Mistera Aero developed SabaTECH, a cost effective solution for your business:

  • Easy use - No software to install,
  • All you need in one system,
  • Time saving with the bar-code use,
  • Daily backup,
  • Low monthly rate.

SabaTECH software is developed by Michaël Astruc since 2010.

Michaël is a mechanical engineer gratuated from French National Civil Aviation School (ENAC), supplemented with an EASA PART-66 licence (A&P).

Michael was the Airworthiness Manager of the ST BARTH COMMUTER CAMO, an EASA certified airline in the Caribbean, for more than seven years.

His great knowledge of the small airline functioning and problems has been used for the design of SabaTECH software.

SabaTECH - manage all the maintenance of your airline with only one software

Our customers

logo St Barth Commuter

St Barth Commuter

St Barth Commuter is sucessfully using SabaTECH since 2011. Operating 5 Cessna Caravan, St Barth Commuter travels 40,000 passengers a year.

St Barth Commuter is an EASA certified airline.

logo Eproc


Eproc, based in Montreal Canada, is specialized on spare parts & sourcing management, maintenance management & technical services for regional and business aircraft servicing isolated regions .

Eproc is using SabaTECH since 2015.

logo St Barth Executive

St Barth Executive

St Barth Executive is operating 1 TBM900, using SabaTECH since 2016.

St Barth Executive is an EASA certified airline.

logo ALMC

Aviation Line Maintenance Caraibes

ALMC performs line maintenance on large aircraft as B747, B787, A330, B767, B737, A320, ... on seven Caribbean airports.

ALMC is an EASA an Canadian certified repair station.


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